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They will often find themselves with a spare that has gone flat or is low in air pressure. How to Change a Tire By: Share with us in the comments. If only you had paid more attention to your dad all those years ago.

Use the hubcap to hold the nuts, just like the dad in A Christmas Story. If you get a flat while on the road, pull your car as far away from traffic as possible.

Finish tightening your lug nuts. Some problems exist simply because people are unaware of the correct tire changing process. Suddenly the car seems a bit funny and the next thing you know your tire blows.

If your car has four, use this pattern: How about some war stories changing a flat tire?

How To Change A Tire

There is a few things you will need, a car jack, a spare tire, lug nut wrenches and, if desired, some penetrating oil from your local hardware store.

In most cases, hiring a professional can prove to be somewhat expensive, so it would be beneficial for each of us to know how to safely and effectively change a tire. Having a flat tire can be a nuisance, however, the following process will help you to prevent a flat and instruct you how to change one if needed.

Spare tires can lose pressure just as easy as the tires you are using.

How to Change a Tire

When the pressure is low, add air as soon as possible. Remove the lug nuts from the wheel. If your car has a hubcap, remove it so you can get to the lug nuts.

Or when everything appears to be in order for changing a tire you find that parts of the jack or some tools are missing. Once the wheel is on, take your lug nuts and tighten them by hand until you meet firm resistance.

Thoroughly freaked out, your heart is beating like drum sending blood rushing through your body. Start with any lug nut and then follow this pattern: If your car has a hub cap now is the time to remove it.

Use this tightening pattern if you have five bolts on your wheel. So you need to unleash the super power of the star pattern to get those lugs tighter than a deer tick. When you check the pressure be sure to also check for any irregular wear patterns or any other non-conformities.

Next check the tire changing tools in the trunk of your car. Finally you decide to go look in the trunk. Remove the flat tire and lay it flat. Loosen them up by turning them counterclockwise.

Also check the depth of the tread of the tires.Essay on Changing a Flat Tire. Words 3 Pages. how to change a tire Essay Words | 3 Pages. How to Change a Tire When changing a tire, there is always a catch.

So one must know that things won’t go according to plan or some kind of inconveniences will happen. So it is the coldest day of the year and my hands are freezing cold and on. Essay on Changing a Flat Tire - Changing a Flat Tire The following steps are the safest way to change a flat tire.

If you received a flat tire while driving down the road; first thing to do is to get away from oncoming traffic; at that time, find a place that is well lit, such as a. How To Change A Tire Essays: OverHow To Change A Tire Essays, How To Change A Tire Term Papers, How To Change A Tire Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Order plagiarism free custom written essay All essays are written from scratch by. How to change a flat tire on a freeway Changing a tire is a useful skill to know, whether stranded on the highway or just changing it at home.

A lot of people seem to be scared to change their own tire, usually in front of the car falling off the jack and landing on them or them forgetting to tighten the lug-nuts and the tire falling off while.

Description: Getting stuck on the roadside with a flat tire is the worst nightmare a person can have. Even though many people have roadside assistance now a days, but it is strongly recommended to know how to change car tire.

Read How to Change a Tire free essay and over 88, other research documents. How to Change a Tire. You're driving down the road, top down, listening to your favorite CD a few decibels too loud. It's just another /5(1).

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